Graphic Designer

Italian by birth, my environment inspired me to study all aspects of visual art.

When you teach, you also learn.  This was my experience when I taught graphics and multimedia to 14-17 year olds in Italian Art Schools throughout the country.  In my 10 years of teaching the students shared their perspectives, and I learned a lot from their wonderful, creative minds.

From 1997, I designed and directed My MEDIA, a magazine that highlighted digital culture and discussed how new technology influenced visual art.  Being exposed to so many artists and their creative paths, my own experienced was greatly enriched.

In 2003, I worked along with a team of communication experts from other countries, creating the pilot project for the European Community to update teachers on the use of new technologies within the school system.

Today, I live in Silicon Valley where many cultures stimulate my creativity, and the fast technological evolution that is changing our daily life is also quickly transforming my use of visual art.  Living here is like having a glimpse into the future, and I find that very exciting.

I’ve been able to experience digital innovation thanks to Curious Hat, the company owned by Luca Prasso, Ervan Maigret and me. Since 2012, I’ve designed and developed new, interactive experiences for mobile devices.  In my role as Creative Director, I enjoy directing the work of imaginative artists and engineers.

At the same time over the past 10 years, I have worked in interesting non-profit projects offering my graphic, photographic and videographics skills.

I love providing solutions that spread concepts and ideas using print & digital designs and marketing campaigns & social media.